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Dedicated Revenue Strategist

Our Revenue Strategists know the market better than anyone else. They also know what works, and what doesn’t. Years of experience from across 18 markets in Africa and the Middle East puts us in a better position than anyone in the region to advice you on how to increase revenues. Because our job is to keep you ahead of the competition!

Lower your Costs

We help you get the best rate for your property by helping you determine the best rates to sell rooms which also helps you to plan ahead. This way, your property can make the most of the resources and lower costs by avoiding unnecessary expenses. photographers.

Make Informed Decisions

Our Revenue Strategists give you data which allows you to make data driven decisions. This data can also be used to make better decision regarding promotions and marketing campaigns.

Fill up your rooms, and maximize revenue. We combine our technology and our knowledge to their full extent, to help you achieve your most ambitious goals!

Property Management System

Property Management System (PMS) is a dashboard, or calendar, for all daily activities of a hotel. It synchronizes with the Channel Manager, ensuring all departments are updated about bookings, arrivals, departures, no-shows, housekeeping and other activities pertaining to the guests at the hotel.

Benefits of a Property Management System
Enhanced check-in/check-out capabilities

Property Management System empower a hotel’s front-desk staff to check guests in and out, assign rooms and enable guests to be accorded services anytime from any place.

Improved Revenue Management

PMS system connects operations and financial processes. It leverages pre-built integrations to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payment gateways, point-of-sale systems and payment processors. Analytics, reporting and competitive intelligence help improve the hotel’s business operations.

Integrated Hotel Back-office Systems

The back-office feature for Hotel PMS allows tracking and accurate reporting. The PMS also automates manual tasks, thus reducing cost and human error in the back operation. Staff can access, update and track information across all departments and they can do it from any location. 

Enhanced Guest Experience

Hotels that use a PMS, are able to provide a better and more professional guest experience, and to increase revenue per room night stayed.

The reservation modules within the PMS make booking for customers easy and makes communication instant. Hotel PMS improves order management, improving response time for room service.

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Manage all bookings, arrivals and departures from one place!

All our systems are entirely cloud-based, with no software ever having to be installed. HotelOnline PMS is part of the HotelOnline Booking Suite, provided free of charge to our hotel partners.

Channel Manager
HotelOnline Channel Manager is a back-end system that distributes and synchronizes the rates and availability of a hotel across online channels, such as Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDSes) and metasearches.
Live Update of Inventory & Rates across multiple OTAs

With a channel manager, a hotel only needs to update rates in one place, and the changes will reflect immediately across all channels such as, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Ads, etc.

  • Updates room reservations or cancellations instantly across all your Booking Platforms
  • Simplifies rate distribution across all your hotel OTA channels
  • Saves all your reservation details automatically with a Hotel Channel Manager
No manual errors, no more overbookings

On the manager , availability is synchronized in real time, therefore, overbookings become a thing of the past. If a guest books the last available room on CTrip, then that room immediately becomes unavailable in all the other channels. A Channel Manager Booking System helps you in:

  • Avoid overbookings by automating the process of updating your dashboard & OTAs
  • Improve online bookings by providing your digital prospects with accurate booking and rate-related information
  • Save time by eliminating manual updates of bookings & rates across multiple OTAs
Increase global visibility and expand your hotel’s reach with a Channel Manager

The highest percent of travel reservations are made online, a good Channel Management System connects you with as many hotel OTA channels as you like, meaning you can become visible globally to all global travelers.

  • Going digital helps you connect with travelers globally
  • Build a stronger online brand image for your hotel, and build credibility
Partner with HotelOnline

Synchronize all rates and availability across all channels in real time. Update once, distribute everywhere!
Our Channel Manager comes with a phone App allowing you to manage your entire online presence from the convenience of your phone. It’s available in Playstore and Appstore.
HotelOnline Channel Manager  is entirely cloud-based, with no software ever having to be installed. It is part of the HotelOnline Booking Suite, provided free of charge to our hotel partners.

Professional Website With Direct Online Bookings

Get a world-class professional website with an integrated Online Booking Engine, and start getting more direct bookings! Your website is not only the online face of your property, but also your best option to get more direct bookings.

Why is a Professional Hotel Website Important?

Your website is your main communication channel. This is where guests and travelers’ will be looking for information about your property. A hotel website should be user friendly; it should have contact forms. It should also allow for different forms of communication including telephone, mail and live chat.

Navigation should be easy with a simple design and most important clear and professional photos of the property should appear on the website. We design a website to allow potential guests who have never visited your hotel before enjoy virtually, giving them a feel of what it is like to stay in the hotel.

In an industry where competition keeps growing, your own website should be one of the direct distribution channels. We design and build the most cost-effective and converting hotel websites. The HotelOnline Booking Engine is integrated with our Channel Manager, enabling guests to book and pay directly using our integrated payment solution. Properties on our Booking Engines also become directly bookable on Google.
Artificial Intelligence-based Dynamic Rating

Dynamic Pricing System because dynamic pricing equals profit

Our Dynamic Rating solution automatically adjusts rates according to supply and demand in the market, giving your hotel partners a persistent competitive edge.  When demand is low, the rates follow to attract the remaining guests out there. When demand peaks, so do the rates.  That is why our hotel partners get more business and revenues.

Benefits of Dynamic Pricing System

The most expensive rooms, are the empty ones!

Hotel pricing changes depending on seasons. As a property owner, you should therefore be able to use dynamic pricing system to match your pricing to demand.

Dynamic pricing system therefore allows you to:
  • Adjust room rate with response to demand and supply allowing you to achieve balance between underpricing and overpricing
  • Maximize profits with each customer
  • Build an effective pricing model that best works for your hotel/ property
What can Dynamic Pricing do for your Hotel Revenue?
  • Dynamic pricing allows you to increase room revenue, Average Daily Rate and revenue per room
  • Monitor and observe competitor pricing to match the ever-changing price trends
Why you need Dynamic Pricing Software for Hotels?
  • Avoid the struggle to determine rates based on assumptions and start making data informed decisions
  • Access competitor pricing, market trends and get deep insights using our intelligent pricing tool
  • Analyze, update rates and post on all your distribution channels, create offers as per trends, offer promotional packages and more
  • Gain and sustain a competitive edge with HotelOnline Dynamic Pricing! Beat the competition!

    Manage all F&B, bars, restaurants, room service and delivery from one place

    Manage and respond to all online reviews from one intuitive interface.

    Payment Processing

    Process all digital payments automatically. Get paid the way you prefer!

    We liberate our hotel partners from the headache of processing online digital payments.  All payments are automatically processed into an online e-wallet.

    Hotels receive their payments at their convenience, through the methods of their choice. We offer payouts to bank accounts, or to the mobile money wallets of any operator.  Hotel partners also have to option of issuing virtual cards from their wallets.  Because we believe that getting paid should be easy!

    With our Payment Processing Solutions, your guests travelling from foreign countries don’t have to carry cash to pay for the hotel, club and restaurant. Payment Processors aren’t just convenient for the front desk, but for back office too. Tasks such as issuing invoices, paying vendors and collecting membership fees is made easy when all your systems are integrated.

    Why Embrace Payment Processing Solutions
    Safe and Secure

    Our Payment Processing solutions are safe and secure preventing fraud by offering real time transaction monitoring and verification of all payments.

    Go Global

    Our Solution empowers your business in that you don’t have to worry about currency as your guests process their pay into an online e-wallet.

    Keeping you up with the latest trend

    Our job is to ensure smooth transaction for you and your guests while providing you with easy finance management. Your one stop payment platform has all in one payment solution allowing dynamic currency conversion and one stop reconciliation.

    Professional Photography

    Add value to your hotel, Invest in professional Photography.  As a hotel/Property owner, it’s important to grab your website visitors’ attention and having professional pictures will encourage them to stay and learn more about your hotel.

    Get Ahead of Your Competition

    The goal here is to use your photos to differentiate your hotel from competitors. Let our Professional Photographers showcase your property to the world. Pictures really matter when guests choose hotels. We believe your property should stand out, which is why we use only the best photographers.

    Boost Your Appearance

    One bad photo on your website can make your website visitor move on to the next hotel in town. Let our professional photographer boost your appearance with stunning photos of your Guest rooms, Restaurants or dining areas, Amenities, Meeting space and Recreation (Show your prospects the surrounding area, attraction sites and other activities that regularly draw tourists to your locality)

    Attract More Guests

    Aim to provide prospective guests with a visual experience that encourages them to book their stay. Your photos should cause excitement about your hotel allowing the prospective guest to experience the hotel before booking their stay. Make sure you have authentic photos and not downloaded images. Plan your property’s professional photo shoot with us and have the best hotel images for your website landing pages and enough photos to use for your Social Media and other distribution channels.

    Invest on professional photography with HotelOnline and allow your property to reach full potential. By investing in professional photos your property will capture prospective guests, enhance your brand identity and distinguish you from your competitors

    Managed Online Distribution

    Stand out online with Managed Online Distribution Channel from HotelOnline!

    Just being online is no longer enough.  If your property is on the fifth page on, then guests won’t find you!

    We work closely with all the major online distribution channel, such as, Expedia, CTrip, etc.. We know the tricks to make your property rank higher, and look better than the competitors.

    Guests prefer different online distribution channel. Which is why we work with all those that matter.  Because we believe your property should be easy to find!

    Get the right mix in distribution channel investments
    Each online distribution channel plays a different role in the hotel marketing program. The hotel website reflects and emphasis your hotels/property’s image. Your hotel website is the most critical marketing tool. Your website strategy should purpose to increase the number of visitors and convert as many of those visitors into hotel guests. A fast website with high-quality photographs, good content, and a user-friendly experience on both desktop, mobile/ table increases the number of booking conversions.
    • Online Travel Agents boosts occupancy increasing your Online Revenue. They also diversify your hotel’s client base, by introducing guests to your hotel. The advantage of this distribution channel is marketing exposure. Major ones include, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Ads.
    • Global Distribution Systems (GDS) connects hotels with the global associations of travel agents that in return provide your hotel with major sources of corporate business. GDS distribution channel remains important in the industry as it also helps with data mining which allows you to understand the performance of your hotels e.g, how many rooms are booked per night, the best seasons and such, allowing you to make data driven decisions.
    24/7 Customer Service

    Great Customer Service is important in that, the first impression you give a guest the first time they come into contact with you determines how their stay at your property will turn out. It’s through great customer service that a property can impress and create a lasting impression.

    Our team of travel and hospitality professionals are experienced in dealing with both local and international guests. They work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that your guests get a wonderful, personalized experience.

    Excellent guest service gives you a competitive advantage. Guests will stop doing business with a property after one bad service experience. This means that, if you provide great customer service, you will retain your customers and acquire your competitors guests as well.


    Remember that customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition and that repeat customers are more likely to spend more on your property.
    Good customer service encourages customers to remain loyal and Happy customers will refer others. Let our Customer Service professionals offer your guests a streamlined experience from the moment they book.

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