Managed Online Distribution Channel

Stand out online with Managed Online Distribution Channel from HotelOnline!

Just being online is no longer enough.  If your property is on the fifth page on, then guests won’t find you!

We work closely with all the major online distribution channel, such as, Expedia, CTrip, etc.. We know the tricks to make your property rank higher, and look better than the competitors.

Guests prefer different online distribution channel. Which is why we work with all those that matter.  Because we believe your property should be easy to find!

Get the right mix in distribution channel investments

Each online distribution channel plays a different role in the hotel marketing program. The hotel website reflects and emphasis your hotels/property’s image. Your hotel website is the most critical marketing tool. Your website strategy should purpose to increase the number of visitors and convert as many of those visitors into hotel guests. A fast website with high-quality photographs, good content, and a user-friendly experience on both desktop, mobile/ table increases the number of booking conversions.

Online Travel Agents boosts occupancy increasing your Online Revenue. They also diversify your hotel’s client base, by introducing guests to your hotel. The advantage of this distribution channel is marketing exposure. Major ones include, Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Ads.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) connects hotels with the global associations of travel agents that in return provide your hotel with major sources of corporate business. GDS distribution channel remains important in the industry as it also helps with data mining which allows you to understand the performance of your hotels e.g, how many rooms are booked per night, the best seasons and such, allowing you to make data driven decisions.