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Metrine Minage

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Metrine Minage

I am a conscientious and perseverant worker who deals well with challenges and works in new environments and with a team of fellow professionals as well as promotes the development process. Confident and at ease with independent work, I am a particularly attentive individual and just like my name Metrine, my meticulous approach to tasks is always apparent upon seeing the final results. I also have experience in customer service, French translations, and team building from previous work experiences.

I speak fluent French and basic German. I studied Travel and Tourism Management and I worked with Somak Safaris in 2019 as a Travel agent/Consultant. In addition to all the above, I also possess a delicate balance of analytical and creative skills, along with excellent client-facing skills. I enjoy Traveling and doing French activities as French is my passion. I have been to Uganda and I am hoping to Travel to all other countries, especially the Francophones.

I joined HO In February and I hope to grow in the company and explore more that is to come.