Property Management System

Property Management System (PMS) is a dashboard, or calendar, for all daily activities of a hotel. It synchronizes with the Channel Manager, ensuring all departments are updated about bookings, arrivals, departures, no-shows, housekeeping and other activities pertaining to the guests at the hotel.

Benefits of a Property Management System

Enhanced check-in/check-out capabilities

Property Management System empower a hotel’s front-desk staff to check guests in and out, assign rooms and enable guests to be accorded services anytime from any place.

Improved Revenue Management

PMS system connects operations and financial processes. It leverages pre-built integrations to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payment gateways, point-of-sale systems and payment processors. Analytics, reporting and competitive intelligence help improve the hotel’s business operations.

Integrated Hotel Back-office Systems

The back-office feature for Hotel PMS allows tracking and accurate reporting. The PMS also automates manual tasks, thus reducing cost and human error in the back operation. Staff can access, update and track information across all departments and they can do it from any location. 

Enhanced Guest Experience

Hotels that use a PMS, are able to provide a better and more professional guest experience, and to increase revenue per room night stayed.

The reservation modules within the PMS make booking for customers easy and makes communication instant. Hotel PMS improves order management, improving response time for room service.

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All our systems are entirely cloud-based, with no software ever having to be installed. HotelOnline PMS is part of the HotelOnline Booking Suite, provided free of charge to our hotel partners.