Payment Processing Solutions

Process all digital payments automatically. Get paid the way you prefer!

We liberate our hotel partners from the headache of processing online digital payments.  All payments are automatically processed into an online e-wallet.

Hotels receive their payments at their convenience, through the methods of their choice. We offer payouts to bank accounts, or to the mobile money wallets of any operator.  Hotel partners also have to option of issuing virtual cards from their wallets.  Because we believe that getting paid should be easy!

With our Payment Processing Solutions, your guests travelling from foreign countries don’t have to carry cash to pay for the hotel, club and restaurant. Payment Processors aren’t just convenient for the front desk, but for back office too. Tasks such as issuing invoices, paying vendors and collecting membership fees is made easy when all your systems are integrated.

Why Embrace Payment Processing Solutions

Safe and Secure

Our Payment Processing solutions are safe and secure preventing fraud by offering real time transaction monitoring and verification of all payments.

Go Global

Our Solution empowers your business in that you don’t have to worry about currency as your guests process their pay into an online e-wallet.

Keeping you up with the latest trend

Our job is to ensure smooth transaction for you and your guests while providing you with easy finance management. Your one stop payment platform has all in one payment solution allowing dynamic currency conversion and one stop reconciliation.