Listing your hotel with an OTAs is the best thing that a property owner can do, but does it end there?

Some property owners are constantly wondering why their hotels do not rank high, reducing the number of bookings they get online.

Well, here are some few secrets to optimizing your hotel’s OTA ranking instantly

Optimize Your Content
Content optimization to rank pages applies to all types of content writing. When writing your hotel descriptions, make sure to use relevant keywords, this helps to improve relevance thus ranking higher on OTAs. Images also play a high role in attracting guests, the higher the quality of your images the more your property will be ranked better.

Confirmation of Bookings
Honesty counts too, properties that confirm all their OTAs booking rank higher. The way you manage your bookings will positively or negatively affect your hotel visibility. If you are always cancelling bookings, this will affect you negatively.

Rate Validity
Regularly updating your property rates will rank you higher, this can easily be done on channel manager. To the OTAs, this considered as being active and it will actually show positive results to your ranking.

What other tactics are you using when optimizing your hotel’s OTA? Share with us

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