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Purity Karanja

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Purity Karanja

Purity Karanja is the Head Administrator at HotelOnline, where she is responsible for all client payments, statement reconciliation and keeping data for account receivables.

Purity has a Diploma in Tourism Management from Utalii College. She joined the HotelOnline (then Savanna Sunrise) in 2013 when she was hired as the manager of the company’s 1st Hotel project in Syokimau. Due to her great performance and work dedication, she was promoted in 2015 and put in-charge of Hotelonline’s clients'(hotels in business with us) accounts as well as the company’s administrative work.

She is responsible for the Company’s accounts payables. She is also in charge of HR & Administration for HotelOnline Group. During her free time, Purity enjoys travelling, playing tennis, watching Movies and hiking