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Patrick Kamau

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Head Of Revenue Management

Patrick Kamau

Patrick Kamau is the Head of Revenue Management at HotelOnline. He is a well-experienced professional in the fields of Revenue Management, Financial & Data Analyst, and Relationship Management.

He joined HotelOnline in 2020 from where he handled a portfolio of accounts in different markets including Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Kenyan Coast, and Nigeria in client relationship and debt management in the credit control department.

Patrick has a mark of a great leader, leading by example. He has created an environment in which great ideas have happened in the department and company at large with the right culture and values. Through skills and knowledge, Patrick has helped the company grow its revenues and has helped hotels achieve their full potential online through the right revenue management services.

Away from the busy daily schedule, Patrick enjoys coding and storytelling through data. Patrick has a degree in Business Administration, CPA, FMVA® & BIDA™ by CFI