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Martha Kerubo

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Chief Operations Officer

Martha Kerubo

Martha Kerubo joined HotelOnline (then Savanna Sunrise Limited) in 2015 when the company was still in its early stages. She has not only witnessed its immense growth (from only 70 properties to over 1,500 properties and counting) in the years; but also gained extensive knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry.

Martha helped build and structure the Customer Service Team for the first 2 years. She had the privilege of working and heading different departments in the organization including Sales in Kenya, Client Relationship, Hotel Success as well as Onboarding (distribution of accommodation providers to Online Travel Agencies i.e. Expedia, etc. She has since been promoted to Chief Operations Officer as a result of excellent performance, consistent quality, and unrivaled attention to detail.

Client satisfaction, and empowering different teams to exceed the company’s client expectations and needs while increasing revenue gives her great pleasure.
She enjoys a good challenge and is a strong believer in the quote “to give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.”

Outside work, Martha enjoys sightseeing, a good read, some Netflix binge, and is absolutely in love with the beach.