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Jacqueline Syokwia

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Senior Business Development Executive

Jacqueline Syokwia

Jacqueline is a passionate B2B salesperson in the SaaS industry with a keen interest in digital transformation within the hospitality industry.

She has a BSc. (Ecotourism, Hotel and Institution Management with IT) and close to 5 years of professional experience in the hospitality industry working with luxury brands such as Sopa Lodges and Kempinski Hotels. She joined HotelOnline in November 2021 as a Telesales Executive from which she was promoted to Team leader and now Senior Business Development Executive due to her consistent excellent performance and exceeding company expectations.

She enjoys the team spirit at HotelOnline working with equally passionate colleagues in digitizing hospitality across Africa and the Middle East. She is a book enthusiast and enjoys research, creative writing, and social networking.