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Jackson Kimathi

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Business Development Executive, Airbnb

Jackson Kimathi

Jackson Kimathi is a Business Development Executive specializing in Hospitality Real Estate/Airbnb.

He is a Holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management from Pwani University. Jackson spent his first 5 years after graduation Tutoring multiple colleges in Mombasa specializing in UK-based examination Body ICM-UK. He also has extensive Hospitality and Travel experience having worked and Consulted for Multiple Hotels and Travel companies on the Kenyan Coast. After the closure of colleges, Hotels, and Tour companies in Mombasa due to Covid-19; Jackson started his own Hospitality Real estate and Travel marketing company later, the company was absolved by HotelOnline and that’s how he found himself working and consulting for the company.

Jackson’s dream is to become one of the most sought-after Hospitality Real estate & Travel Consultants and Marketers in Kenya and Beyond. He is a Proud Husband, Father, and family man with a key interest in Hospitality and Travel Startups.