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Givans Kibet

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Givans Kibet

Givans Kibet is a graduate of Kabarak University in the field of business with a degree in Bachelors of Commerce; Finance option. Currently, he is pursuing a CPA course.

His objective is to build a career in a growing organization, where he can get the opportunities to prove his abilities by accepting challenges, fulfilling the organization’s goals, and climbing the career ladder through continuous learning and commitment.

He started working at Hotel Online in February 2022 as an accountant. He basically ensures financial records are kept up-to-date, he computes taxes and prepares tax returns. He also prepares Financial reports and invoices.

Givans enjoys budgeting as it puts a solid plan into place that is easy to follow and gives you the chance to plan and prepare for the future. Besides his financial hobbies, he also likes traveling and experiencing a new culture.