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Fransiscar Ongaya

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Travel Consultant

Fransiscar Ongaya

Fransiscar Ongaya is an attentive, compliant, and dedicated Travel Agent Officer, who aspires to challenges to meet her competencies, capabilities, and skills in the Travel &Tourism industry.

She has been working in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry since 2012 and has a Diploma in Travel Consultancy, along with IATA certificates, levels 1-4 from the Air Travel and Related Studies Centre of Nairobi. She has experience with the issuance of visas, air tickets, and hotels from various business partners we engage with in our line of work. She joined HotelOnline in 2022 as a Travel Agent and is already flourishing in her line of work as a Travel Consultant.

Fransiscar enjoys traveling and has been to Swaziland, Dubai, Malawi, Mozambique, and Qatar to mention but a few, and is open to the possibility to see the world and all its glory even more, for both educational and leisure purposes. With perseverance, hard work, and learning new trades she intends to make your travel experience worthwhile.