Millennials, more than any other generation are making travel their priority, they are saving more for experiences and vacations. Bearing in mind they make the largest percentage in the world, every industry including the hospitality industry is looking for ways to accommodate them. That said, is your hotel/property ready for the Millennials travelers?

Things that Draw Millennials to a Hotel

Technologically Savvy Properties

Millennials want easy access to strong Wi-Fi, this allows them to stay connected with family and friends as it allows them to share their experiences during travel. They also carry with them variety of gadgets which are bound to drain power as they are always active on them, thus properties should have variety of charging options including in the lobbies, conference rooms and any other room they may come in contact with.    

Properties that Capitalize on Social Media

Millennials spend a lot of their time on social media feeds viewing instant videos, photos, sharing images of breathtaking views and photos of to-die-for-meals. When marketing to millennials, social media is the best channel, they are always active there and hotels should capitalize on this. To communicate on hotel deals, hotels should for example create an online platform where a community of Millennial travelers can meet virtually, exchange travel experiences, share photos, post hotel reviews and interact with the hotel.      

Experience Over luxury

It’s always the experience with Millennials, experiences create memories and give them a feel for something they have never encountered before. Local adventure should be a selling point for the Millennials, such as sites they can visit near the property, activities such as hiking, biking adventures, exploring nearby tourist sites and engaging in local culture will appeal more to them.  

Hotels with Mobile friendly websites or Apps

Travel and experience Apps such as Cloud9 have become so popular with Millennials as they prefer to book for their travel via mobile phones. This only means that hotels and properties must be willing to accommodate them by having mobile compatible websites where they can search and get information involving the hotel, booking options and anything that involves their vacation and stay.

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  1. If you are a property owner, you need to ensure you offer the right product across the portfolio ranging from those suitable to school groups, long-stay guests, corporate travelers, backpackers, and those looking for affordable suite accommodation in major cities. The question of the millennial traveler experience has never been more relevant than now, but that’s how the future of travel will look like.

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