For Investors

Why Invest in HotelOnline


  Proven, highly scalable business model

  Amazing traction with 500+ hotel clients signed

  Recurring sales of $200,000 per month with high margins

  Team with industry experience and previous successful exits

  Impact: Promoting locally owned hotels and local business

  Impact: Exciting, modern and technologically advanced careers for a fast-growing team of skilled, young people

  Multiple exit opportunities


Hospitality Market in Africa


  In 2015, only 30% of hotel bookings in Africa were done online

  The current worldwide average of 45% is expected to be reached in 2020

  Online Bookings will represent the biggest growth dynamics as a result of growth of:
  • Hospitality Market Size,
  • Online Users.


No. of hotels

80 000

1 000 000


% of small/medium, independent hotels




Avg. occupancy




% of hotels with website




% of hotels with hotel management software




% of online bookings




The gap in technology adoption represents an opportunity for hospitality technology companies that will tap into the market first.

Sources: E&Y, PwC, Jovago, Hospitality Plus, JLL



Home Market & Primary Focus


  80,000+ hotels in Africa (more than 2M globally)

  +49% growth in number of hotels 2006 - 2016

  Continues at +4.1% p.a

  USD 8bn market for room nights in Africa (USD 500bn globally)

  53M tourist arrivals in Africa in 2014, expected to increase to 134M by 2030 (UNWTO)


Beyond Africa: Global Frontier Markets


  Southeast Asia (Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos/Myanmar): 18.5M arrivals p.a., 25,000 hotels

  Caribbean and Central America. 24M arrivals p.a., 20,000 hotels

  Middle East 15M p.a. 12,000 hotels

  Central Asia 7M p.a, 9,000 hotels


Making a difference


  Bringing local hotels from the era of books, to the era of online bookings

  Helping narrow the competitive gap between the local hotels and the global chains

  Leading by example: Ethical marketing and zero tolerance on corruption

  Economic development: strengthening local ownership and promoting local employment through generating growth

  Offering modern, technologically advanced career opportunities to young, local talents






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