Havar Bauck, the founder and executive Chairman of HotelOnline is a Norwegian but is quick to note that he was born in Norway, but his heart is with his lovely wife and two daughters in Kenya. These two countries aren’t exactly where he spends most of his time, he says airports and planes are the more familiar grounds as his day is quite mobile. Here’s an interview with the founder of HotelOnline.

From a prosperous career to entrepreneurship – how did it all happen?
My goal was always to become an entrepreneur, and I somehow always knew that entrepreneurship was where I would eventually end up. During my last year in college (in Norway), I was looking at several startup projects I could have joined, but none of them really seemed viable. Then I came across an opportunity for a trainee-ship in Kenya. I jumped at it, and the rest is history. In my subsequent professional career, I was always drawn to startups and young companies, so that’s where I ended up working. Because of the love I had developed for the African continent, that’s where I focused my career as well.

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