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Hotel Photography: Simple Tricks for Taking Hotel Photos

There is nothing more damaging for hotels/properties than bad photos. Images associating to your property be it on your hotel website, external distribution channel, social media channels or flyers should be professional, clear and a true presentation of your property. Remember, these images give potential guest a virtual experience of how their stay would be […]

How to Create a Hotel Website: Build a Hotel Website that will Convert 

Hotel website by HotelOnline

How to Create a Hotel Website…The world has turned digital, that’s a fact we can’t deny. Potential clients are searching online for hotels and accommodation and whatever they find online about your Property/ hotel is going to determine whether they book or not. Does your hotel have a website? If it does, are there improvements […]

Why your Hotel needs a Channel Manager

Your hotel needs a channel manager from HotelOnline

A Channel Manager is a back-end system that distributes and synchronizes the rates and availability of a hotel across online channels, such as Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDSes) and metasearches. Why Do You Need This System? Hotels and properties get most of their booking from third party websites also known as OTA, […]

HotelOnline Acquisitions in Africa [Article in The Exchange]

HotelOnline acquires Cloud9 - Endre Opdal, Håvar Bauck, Tesh Mbaabu, Winnie Kimathi

Kenyan based travel-tech outfit HotelOnline has made strategic acquisition of companies across Africa, positioning itself at the helm of the industry. While many companies in the travel industry have been facing a major dip due to COVID-19, HotelOnline has diversified and acquired other entities solidifying its position in the African travel industry. Run by two […]

HotelOnline Signs 300 Serviced Apartments Managed By Dunhill Consulting Limited

On Monday morning, HotelOnline signed 300 serviced apartments that are managed by Dunhill Consulting Limited, a leading real estate company in Nairobi, Kenya. This contract was signed following our Chief Commercial Officer’s excellent marketing and negotiation skills, and a digital marketing strategy meeting between teams from HotelOnline and Dunhill Consulting Limited. Tailor-made for the customer […]

HotelOnline to merge operations with Key Butler, a Norwegian traveltech startup

HotelOnline + KeyButler

HotelOnline and Key Butler have agreed to merge their Norwegian entities in a European market consolidation move. Key Butler and HotelOnline merger will form Stay Plus and will target the Scandinavian rental market. only. HotelOmlome will maintain its operations in Africa. Led by Tore Hofstad, the Chairman of HotelOnline, and a key investor and a […]

Key Butler joins African hotel giant: will hijack the rental market

HotelOnline + KeyButler

HotelOnline and Key Butler are joining forces in a new rental platform. Behind HotelOnline are Håvar Bauck and Endre Opdal . The founders have, over the past five years, become a leading player in e-commerce and digital marketing of small and medium-sized hotels in Africa. This summer the company raised NOK 3 million from, among […]

HotelOnline Raises $320,000 from TRK Group, OYO Rooms early investor Shravan Shroff among others

Nairobi-based travel tech platform HotelOnline, has raised $320,000 from its existing investors and new investors such as Norway’s Trond Riiber Knudsen Group and Shravan Shroff, an early backer of India’s OYO Rooms, and the co-founder of India’s Venture Nursery, a startup accelerator. Shroff has joined the firm’s board of directors. Havar Bauck, co-founder and Chairman […]